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chris mcleod is an audio content producer in nyc


Chris has worked with:


Capitol Records, MTV, Redbull, TLC, WaitWhat, Narativ, The Opportunity Agenda, Fisher Price, California Road Studios, The Eastco Group, Start A Riot Media, Apple Inc., Kevin Max, Group1Crew, Newsboys, Michael W. Smith, Zoro (drummer for Lenny Kravitz, New Edition, Frankie Vali), Vanzela Joy Wiliams (drummer for Beyoncé, Jay-Z), Whitney Fennimore, Joshua Silverberg (Audio Adrenaline, Jesus Culture writer/producer), Jacob Schrodt (Ryan Cabrera, Ben Rector drummer/producer), Ryan Floyd, John Eldredge, Just Joy Ministries, Bellarive, Abandon, Sleeping At Last, The Del Toros, Jon Foreman, Dante Schmidt, P.J. Anderson, Edison Glass, Why Not Be Kings, Roger Jaeger, Sean Feucht, Damion Shade, Jared Fox (Switchfoot, William Fitzsimmons, Gungor Engineer/Mix Engineer), Symon Hajjar, Forever At Last, many more. 

I am driven by all things creative. I love facilitating the vision of a client or artist, and bringing their ideas to life through technology. I am prolific in many creative platforms, and a fast learner. When it comes to the work, I have a tendency to lean toward the obsessive, and won’t go home until I get it right. When it comes to the people, I am easy to work with, and value every relationship. I am passionate about the work that I do, and believe (however naively) that I can actually make an impact on the world with what I put my hands to.
— Chris McLeod